Dr. Delilah Istrati Scholarship


The scholarship was established by Konrad Istrati in memory of his daughter, Doctor Delilah Istrati was a graduate of ACHS in 1971 who went on to become a chiropractor.  She practiced most of her career in Assiniboia and passed away in May of 1988, at the age of 34 years.  The award is to be given to any ACHS student who is going on to pursue a career as a chiropractor.  In years when there is no one with this type of career plan the award shall be divided between the students earning the second and third highest averages of the members of the graduating class on a 60/40 ratio.


  • See Principal for complete criteria/supporting documentation details

Special Considerations

There are no special considerations for this scholarship

Required Documentation

No supporting documentation is required to apply for this scholarship

Application Deadline

See Principal for deadline.