What is PAA?

Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) are an integral part of our 7-12 program of studies and play a significant role in developing the potential of all students. PAA high school courses open the door for lifelong learning and provide both a theoretical and a practical learning environment for students.

What is the Practical & Applied Arts Enhancement Project?

In June of 2012, the Prairie South Schools Board of Trustees set out to develop and enhance Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) opportunities within Prairie South schools. The project helps narrow the gap of inequities found in the delivery of PAA credit and certification programs across the Division.


The Ministry of Education offers over 30 high school courses within PAA clusters, or areas of interest. For course options and details, please visit the Ministry of Education website, or here for the PAA handbook.

Agriculture Studies

Cow/Calf Production

Dairy Production

Feedlot Production

Field Crop Production

Pork Production

Sheep Production



Information Processing

Career and Work Experience: CWEX

Theatre Arts

Communications Media

Design Studies

Drafting and Computer Aided Design


Graphic Arts

Clothing, Textiles and Fashion

Food Studies


Interior Design

Life Transitions

Tourism, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurship


Energy and Mines

Forestry Studies

Wildlife Management

Auto body

Commercial Cooking

Cosmetology and Carpentry

Electrical and Electronics



Mechanical and Automotive


Industry recognized Certification Links

Early Safety Training Program – This program is designed to assist youth in developing skills and attitudes necessary to work and live safely while allowing them to have flexibility in selecting training that would be beneficial, recognized, and valuable to employers.

FIT Certificate – Focus on Information Technology (FIT) is a Canada wide program for high school students. It was designed to prepare students for a world that runs on computers. It provides high school graduates with technology and business/entrepreneurial skills and with essential workplace skills and experience.

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship – SYA raises awareness of apprenticeship in Saskatchewan schools by helping young people discover what rewards come with being a Youth Apprentice and working in the skilled trades. SYA enhances student career development by exploring the world of opportunities skilled trades offer Saskatchewan youth.

Service Best – Service Best is an award-winning, internationally recognized program designed to assist frontline staff in the delivery of superior customer service.

Middle Years PAA Guideline

• Career Guidance A Curriculum Guide for the Middle Level (1995) is a requirement of Core Curriculum for grades 6-9.
• Objectives for computer literacy will be integrated at all K-12 Levels.
• Effective September 2004, students entering grade seven will be required to take at least three Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) survey courses before completing grade nine. Students in grades7-9 may use Christian Ethic’s courses to fulfill two of the three PAA survey courses requirements.
• Each course must be a minimum of 50 hours.
• There should be a balance of subject area perspectives included in Middle Level PAA courses. Modules must be configured using a horizontal or random approach, and must be taken from a minimum of three PAA curricula.
• Modules for suggested Middle Level courses are generally from introductory level modules, although intermediate and advanced modules may also be used, providing the prerequisites are met.
• Some modules should not be used in Middle Level survey courses for various reasons: safety, developmental appropriateness, or a Trade Board decision.

View the middle year’s guideline here.

Online Courses

Prairie South Schools offers a wide variety of courses online. There are 11 PAA courses that any Prairie South student can enroll in. Taking a PAA course online allows a flexible learning environment.

You have choices from the following online courses:

• Accounting 10

• Career and Work 20, A30, B30

• Cosmetology 10

• Cow/Calf Production 30

• Energy and Mines 20


Special Project Credit: Students are granted credits for approved out-of-school initiatives and recognizes student achievement in areas outside of the classroom. It encourages students to become involved in the selection, planning and organization of their own programs. The form is taken from the Registrar’s Handbook for Administrators. Please see your principal for more information. Completed forms will need to be submitted to Derrick Huschi.

Apprenticeship Credit : Students are employed under the supervision of a certified journey person. Students gain valuable work experience and are eligible to receive the apprenticeship credit.

To find out what is available to you, talk to one of our Career Consultants or your school administrator!

Make informed choices in PAA!

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