Partnership Agreement Signing between CAE and AE Peacock Collegiate

A partnership agreement between CAE and A. E. Peacock Collegiate was signed on Friday, October 21.

Dustin Swanson, Principal of Peacock and Joe Armstrong, Vice-President of CAE Canada signed the agreement which will see the two organizations working together on a number of different activities and projects.  CAE is a huge international corporation, with over 8000 employees in 35 countries.  Every year, they train over 120 000 military and commercial pilots from many different countries.  We are fortunate to have a company like it in our school division.

With all of the different kinds of occupations at CAE, there will be a wide variety of fantastic learning opportunities for Peacock students in the areas of aviation, engineering and health care.

Although this partnership is new, because CAE acquired Bombardier’s military aviation business in the fall of 2015, Peacock students have a solid history of working with people at the air base.  Since 2001, when Peacock signed a partnership with Bombardier, welding and machining students have designed and fabricated a few different projects that greatly benefitted the company, including hand carts to transport pilot seats from Hawk jet fighters and aircraft canopy extractors.

CAE is looking forward to exposing the wide variety of occupations to Peacock as well as other Prairie South students.  There is a wide variety of career opportunities at CAE, not only in Moose Jaw, but also in CAE locations around the world.

It will be very interesting to see the great things that CAE and Peacock students will be able to accomplish working collaboratively.  Congratulations to both organizations.