Bored Kids? Suggestions for Parents

thumb_bored"I'm Bored." It's one of those phrases that can make parents cringe. Some might even wonder how it's possible to be bored with everything that today's children and young adults seem to have available at their fingertips. And then there's the tension between kids who don't have enough to do and ...

parents who have too much to do.

Following are a few ideas from the Parent Further website - check the site for more ideas on how to combat those cases of boredom.

  • Keep young children stimulated with everyday, household items. Have them make a tower with tissue boxes. Pull out pots and pans and let them bang away. Pour uncooked rice into a pan and let your older preschool child drive small cars through it.
  • Elementary-age students sometimes get bored because they are no longer interested in playing T-ball (or whichever sport or activity your child takes part in) and want to try something else. Kids at this age typically don’t know about other options, so help them find some.
  • Tap into 'tweens' and young teens' curiosity about subjects that fascinate them, such as growing mold on bread (this may be happening in their rooms or lockers, anyway), researching why people burp, or learning pig Latin (and teaching it to their friends).


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