Literacy Day Event

The theme of this year’s International Literacy Day, held on September 8th, was Literacy and Sustainable Societies. Moose Jaw Literacy Network continually supports that theme by providing the people of Moose Jaw with access to the opportunities and supports needed to function in a literate community as students, family members, workers, seniors, and life-long learners. Their dedication to literacy and the support they provide was the perfect opportunity for Minister Morgan to celebrate International Literacy Day in Moose Jaw. Together, the Ministry of Education and Moose Jaw Literacy Network in partnership with Prairie South Schools came together to recognize Literacy and Sustainable Societies through early literacy development.

Minister Morgan, Deputy Minister McRae, and other special guests joined Moose Jaw Literacy Network and Prairie South Schools by visiting a Kindergarten classroom. This special event took place at William Grayson School in Moose Jaw, where both principal, Bruce Fritzler, and Kindergarten teacher, Shaunna Taylor, welcomed everyone in supporting literacy.

Minister Morgan provided a marvelous opportunity for young learners by reading The Prairie Alphabet by Jo Bannatyne Cugnet and Yvette Moore, to William Grayson’s Kindergarten class. His enthusiasm, as he introduced and read the story, had the students actively engaged, which lead to them sharing their connections from the story to their own lives as well as dialoguing with Minister Morgan about his experiences and background knowledge. Literacy is a process, therefore after the story, in order to provide an opportunity for students to dialogue and represent their understanding of the story, Minister Morgan and special guests joined the Kindergarten class outside using sidewalk chalk to draw their favourite part of the story and dialogue why it was their favourite part.

The beautiful sunny day afforded the perfect backdrop for honouring International Literacy Day. Reading and engaging in dialogue with Kindergarten students truly recognized that literacy is foundational to creating sustainable societies and that in order to obtain that goal it begins from the ground up with early literacy development. The greatest gift you can give your child is “read to them”, so join us in helping create sustainable societies by reading to your child!

Respectfully submitted by Rayleen Eberl, Learning Consultant, Prairie South Schools