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Prairie South School Division is a mix of rural and urban communities, and transports a significant number of students to and form school each day. The Division operates and maintains its own fleet of 183 school buses. We strive to provide safe, efficient and on-time transportation for students in both the rural and urban areas.

Because of the geographic size of Prairie South School Division the Board believes that enabling policy providing local discretion in dealing with weather conditions is both prudent and appropriate. Student safety is paramount and the division reserves the right to cancel routes when weather or road conditions make it unsafe to travel. Buses will be cancelled when the temperature including wind chill reaches -40 degrees C or lower.

Given the size of the division and the varying weather we experience, it is possible for routes in one area of the division to be cancelled, while service is maintained elsewhere. Our transportation page is updated as early as possible to reflect any cancellations or delays for the day.

We are also currently recruiting casual bus drivers.

Looking for more information on our Bus Driver’s Handbook? Click here.

Catchment Area Maps

Designated Walking Zones

The designated walking zone also includes those residences positioned on the line indicated on the map.


If you have questions about catchment areas or designated walking zones, please contact our Transportation Department at 306-694-8750.

Last Updated: June 29, 2017 at 8:16 am