Prairie South is governed by a 10-member Board of Education. Five trustees are elected from rural subdivisions, and another five are elected at large within the City of Moose Jaw.

The Board uses the Sloan Governance Model, setting the strategic vision for the division and delegating daily operations and decision-making to administration, led by the Director. The Education Act, 1995 outlines the duties and powers of the Board, as well as its discretionary powers. The Act helps to ensure provincial standards are maintained, while allowing the Board (and other Boards across the province) to address needs specific to our division.


School Board elections are held in conjunction with municipal elections or when a by-election is required. Ratepayers in the division, as well as all parents of children in Prairie South schools, are eligible to vote and encouraged to run for the position of trustee. Elections occur every four years. The last school board election took place on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.


Trustee: Darcy Pryor

Includes the communities of Central Butte, Chaplin, Craik, Eyebrow, Mortlach and Huron Colony.

Committee member: Student Outcomes Committee, Partnerships & Team Building Committee



Trustee: Robert Bachmann (Chair)

Includes the communities of Avonlea, Caronport Elementary School, Lindale Elementary School, Rouleau, Baildon Colony and Belle Plaine Colony.

Committee member: Business, Infrastructure & Governance Committee, Innovation Committee



Trustee: Al Kessler

Includes the communities of Assiniboia and Mossbank.

Committee member: Student Outcomes Committee, Innovation Committee



Trustee: Giselle Wilson (Vice-Chair)

Includes the communities of Bengough, Coronach and Rockglen.

Committee member: Student Outcomes Committee, Partnerships & Team Building Committee



Trustee: Shawn Davidson

Includes the communities of Glentworth, Gravelbourg, Kincaid, Lafleche and Mankota.

Committee member: Business, Infrastructure & Governance Committee, Partnerships & Team Building Committee


SUBDIVISION #6 – City of Moose Jaw

Trustee: Mary Jukes

Moose Jaw Schools

Committee member: Student Outcomes Committee


Trustee: Jan Radwanski

Moose Jaw Schools

Committee member: Innovation Committee


Trustee: Tim McLeod 

Moose Jaw Schools

Committee member:  Partnerships & Team Building Committee


Trustee: Brian Swanson

Moose Jaw Schools

Committee member: Business, Infrastructure & Governance Committee


Trustee: Lew Young

Moose Jaw Schools

Committee member: Innovation Committee,  Business, Infrastructure & Governance Committee

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