Standing Committees

Standing committees are established to assist the Board with work of an on-going or recurring nature. The Director of Education may assign staff to support the work of the committee. Committees shall not exercise authority over staff. Committee work will be presented to the board by written report for decision, discussion or information.

2017-18 Committee Members


Members: Shawn Davidson, Jan Radwanski, Brian Swanson, Robert Bachmann

  • To review facility usage, student demographic, and catchment boundary data and develop catchment strategies to respond to division level pressures and opportunities.
Student Outcomes 

Members: Al Kessler, Giselle Wilson, Mary Jukes, Darcy Pryor

  • To review ESSP outcome oversight: Graduation Improvement Team, Literacy, Early Learning and FNIM Outcomes.

Members: Al Kessler, Jan Radwanski, Robert Bachmann, Lew Young

  • Mandate to be determined by the committee at a future date.
PaRtNERsHIP aND Teambuilding

Members: Tim McLeod, Shawn Davidson, Darcy Pryor, Giselle Wilson

  • To complete staff survey improvement plan initiatives from January, 2016; oversee January 2018 staff survey and improvement planning cycle.
  • To participate in planning and implementation of staff engagement plan.
  • To conduct MLA and Municipal Political outreach activities.

Prairie South Schools Board of Education Strategic Plan . 2017-2021


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