The Prairie South Board of Education is comprised of 10 trustees who are elected for four years at a time. They work to ensure Prairie South is the best it can be for all its students. Their efforts benefit all communities, as our students are tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.

You’re invited to attend public board meetings, and can find agendas posted on the website prior to the meeting.  We also post minutes of the meeting, so you can keep up to date with information about the school system and policy development that directs what happens in the classroom on a daily basis.

The board’s work is divided among four standing committees to facilitate in-depth discussion and planning of Division matters.

The Standing Committees are:

  • Student Outcomes
  • Partnerships and Team Building
  • Innovation
  • Business, Infrastructure & Governance


Leading the Division

Governance and administration – the leadership of the division – is a shared responsibility.  Working together as a team, the Board and Central Administrative Council strive to ensure Prairie South is a great place to learn and teach.

  • The Board of Education sets the policies, establishes the goals and approves the division’s annual budget
  • The Director of Education and Central Administrative Council establish procedures, ensure necessary programs, services and supports are in place and allocate division resources
  • School administrators (principals and vice-principals) ensure the effective delivery of education – including all programs, services and supports – at the school level and manage school resources

Want to know more about our Governance Team? Read about our Trustees.


In most cases, the Chair of the Board of Education and the Director of Education are the media spokespeople for the division. Their broad knowledge of the division, its policies and its priorities help to ensure information is accurate and complete.

On certain occasions, the Director may designate another individual to speak to the media, but as a rule, we do not expect or require employees to respond to media requests.

To request an interview, contact the Executive Assistant to the Director.

Principals may choose to speak to the media on topics specific to their school – or they may defer questions to the Director of Education.

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