Bengough Grade 6-8 Archaeological Dig

On June 17 the Bengough School Grade 6,7,8 class went on a field trip to the Farr Site, an archaeological dig just east of Ogema. Here they learned how to survey a potential site and how to do a proper excavation and removal of artifacts. They also got a chance to try out an atlatl or dart thrower. The afternoon was very informative and fun.

The Farr Site has been roughly dated to 9000 years old. The people here at that time were following the animals north as the ice sheet retreated.  Bison bones are the main artifact, so it was probably a kill and processing site. Several points (arrow, spear, dart) have also been found. This is the first formal dig at the site by the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society. Hopefully they will be able to solidify and add to our knowledge of this time period in Saskatchewan. They are holding a public dig from July 3 to July 6. Contact the SAS for more details.