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Friday, 30 March 2012 17:45


geek sqsuad   

e-journalists , Jessy Lee Saas,    

Sydnee Smith and Chassidy Entz.

Congratulations to our students as well as the
other  students from Prairie South Schools who participated
as e-journalists at the Rural Congress conference
earlier this week in Saskatoon. The “Geek Squad”
as they called themselves was busy reporting the news
of the day. Thank you for representing our school and
school division so well. As a school community we are
 very proud of you! The “Geek Squad” did a wonderful
 job. Ms. Saas thank you for your leadership in this school
and division endeavour

geek squad2

 Superintendent of Learning, Lori Meyer with e-journalist, Daniel Odendaal

 art gala


15 Mortlach Students , grades 6-12, attended the PSSD Art Gala. They participated in several workshops that supported the Arts. The senior students, undone, led the event's final workshop in spoken word

art gala2

 thumb chemistryScience experiment!

¨ The Science 10 group finished their chemical reactions unit with an exam today. They started their weather dynamics unit by researching traditional ways of measuring weather, such as, ‘red sky at night sailor’s delight, red sky in morning sailor take warning’.

¨ The Chemistry 30 group is working very hard to understand enthalpy, entropy, exothermic, endothermic, and many other energy related topic. Students ask daily why there is so much math in chemistry!

outdoor ed

Out Door Ed. class, grades 9-10


 open mike

Open Mike.

¨ The Open Mike Nite was a big success. Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you to Glentworth for participating… Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Huschi for sharing the evening with us.




 In gr 6-7-8 Social Studies we are creating functional objects out of recycled materials.




Mortlach School said GOOD BYE to William and Steven Wiseman this month.

Grades 6-8 had a swim party for Steven and Grades 3-5 had an in-school party.

They are moving to Newfoundland. WE WILL MISS YOU, Steven & William!

william steven





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